The Big Man Restless

Sunday, October 17, 2004
I really think a corner has been turned. Things are looking up - let us hope that these floating ideas become solid reality, although the fact that mere opportunities have cheered me up so much has to be a good sign. On Friday I came home to the idea / offer of a new club night starting of which I may be one of the DJs, I sent the organisers a set list of the sort of things I'd like to play, and they said it was perfect, aside from "Pop Muzik" which I am sure is just their little joke. How could I do a DJ set without it? My fan would be disappointed for one.

I also had an offer to start a regular review column in a magazine, which was excellent news. I've again sent a requested piece in and I'll see what happens.

I also won the lottery. What more could a man want?